Why blog? I don't even have a facebook account...it feels like it makes life so public. But then--blogging is kind of like a diary, isn't it? It makes me feel a little like Doogie Houser at the end of the day--collecting my thoughts and putting them down. I don't want to blog because I want my life to be public (though I don't mind wearing my heart on my sleeve, most of the time) or because I'm a narcissist, but because these days of our young family are so precious I don't want to lose them to a faulty memory. This time, this stage, these moments truly are 'a time to keep', and blogging is simply the most convenient way to keep them and share them.

I really didn't think I'd ever start a blog...but now that Mac has stopped calling firetrucks "fire knuckles" (he now calls them firetrucks, and I'm so sad!), I realize I'll forget that he ever did that if I don't write it down. So, the blog begins. Welcome.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watching the 10 o'clock news tonight...at 10 pm it's 95 degrees outside. Wow. {It's like this every summer...but I always forget...}

Columbia, SC: Famously Hot

{the new--official--Columbia logo}

Friday, June 11, 2010


Mac (to Brad): I want sum-ping! {Translation: I want a snack.}
Brad: Are you hungry?
Mac (pauses to consider): Um...no. I want sum-ping!
Brad: What's the difference between wanting something and being hungry?
(Long pause)
Mac: Ummmmm...sixty?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"I took a nap!"

Mac was SO excited last week when I told him we were going to visit Aunt Heather, Uncle Matthew and his cousin (my nephew) Evan. I knew better than to tell Mac days ahead of time, but I couldn't resist telling him the morning of the day we were supposed to leave.

Of course, he kept asking all day if it was time to leave yet, and I kept telling him we would leave after he took a nap.

Late in the morning, I was in the kitchen and I heard him shut the door to his bedroom. After being in there for a few minutes, he came out and proudly announced that he'd taken his nap and he was now ready to go: "I'm all done taking nap! Let's go mom! Let's go to Uncle Maffew's house!"

So sweet.

Of course he was in heaven once we got there. He adores his Aunt and Uncle and has a great time playing with Evan, who is only about 6 weeks older than him.

The trip was all in connection with a wedding of one of our youth group kids from North Carolina. He was a freshman in high school when we began youth ministry, and is now out of college! He is a dear person and we were very close to his family while we lived in Kings Mountain. Matthew and Heather kept our kids for us while we went to the rehearsal dinner Friday night--such a huge help! {I don't know how we would have managed if we'd had to get a babysitter Mac didn't know in a hotel room. It would have been such a mess. } Thankfully, Matthew and Heather live less than an hour from Kings Mountain, so it was very manageable with their help. We were able to get a babysitter during the afternoon ceremony while the kids napped, and then take them to the reception. A FULL weekend, but Mac and Arden were wonderful and we had a great time seeing old friends!

{UPDATED: Don't you love how Mac has not yet learned to smile for the camera? At least I tell myself that he hasn't learned it...but probably he just doesn't want to...}

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

December 7, 1946

This is silent footage from my Great Aunt Dot's wedding rehearsal party. You can see my Grandpa McCabe just after the part with the bride and groom, and my great grandmother towards the middle (the only older woman shown). You get a peek at my grandmother through the doorway (in glasses) as the various people are passing through the mistletoe. {I think I've got the people identified correctly...hope so!} This is SOOOOO cool, in my opinion. (One of my second cousins, also named McCabe but goes by Cabe, put this on YouTube.)

I've always loved to watch my Grandpa with his sisters--he was one of only 2 boys in a family with 8 children! I remember them all getting together and laughing so much. It touches my heart to get this glimpse of them when they were young.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sitting up!

Our girl can now go from lying on her back to sitting up! Yesterday and today I have gone in to get her from her nap and she's been sitting on her bottom waiting for me : )