Why blog? I don't even have a facebook account...it feels like it makes life so public. But then--blogging is kind of like a diary, isn't it? It makes me feel a little like Doogie Houser at the end of the day--collecting my thoughts and putting them down. I don't want to blog because I want my life to be public (though I don't mind wearing my heart on my sleeve, most of the time) or because I'm a narcissist, but because these days of our young family are so precious I don't want to lose them to a faulty memory. This time, this stage, these moments truly are 'a time to keep', and blogging is simply the most convenient way to keep them and share them.

I really didn't think I'd ever start a blog...but now that Mac has stopped calling firetrucks "fire knuckles" (he now calls them firetrucks, and I'm so sad!), I realize I'll forget that he ever did that if I don't write it down. So, the blog begins. Welcome.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How does my famously hot hometown celebrate back to back baseball national champs?
{I wish the pics captured the gamecock flag above the statehouse!}

With a famously hot parade down main street at high noon on the first day of July!

With "tens of thousands" (according to local news, the official estimates have not yet been released--but last year 40,000 showed up!) in attendance! We took the kids of course.

There were really so many random people in this parade. Random law enforcement, lots (and lots and lots) of beauty queens, people who had garnet cars.

This boat had a gator and a tiger tied to the back (you can't see the tiger in this pic). I overheard many Clemson cracks!

This guy is an elder at our church! He saw us and waved.

Who are these people?

Or this guy?

When this guy went by, I was flabbergasted! Seriously!?!? Are they letting you in the parade if you have a garnet car/truck/van??

The kids seemed entertained.



My heart about melted when Mac put his arm around Arden.

They waved at all the beauty queens.

A real Gamecock!!


Finally! Coach Ray Tanner! Followed by the team! The moment we've all been waiting (and sweating!) for!

Yeehaw! Go Gamecocks!!!!

People were going nuts at this point. It was a little overwhelming.

More of the team!

We headed home right after the team passed. It was blazing hot and we couldn't stand another minute. There was a ceremony when they reached the statehouse, but we skipped that part!

Time for a homemade popsicle to cool down!

If all this fanfare happens after winning the national championship in baseball...I think the earth might shift on its axis if we won the national championship in football! I know it's not likely any time soon...but then, a girl can dream, right?

GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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